General Information

All information below may be subject to change by the committee

Opening Times

The opening times will depend on the availability of volunteers unless the user group supplies a responsible person in charge to open and close the shelter.

We intend to be open all year round except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Monday to Friday it is anticipated that the shelter will be used by mostly groups for their activities.

At times during group activities it may have be closed to the public, as we have to consider security and the privacy required by vulnerable groups and the severely disabled.

On Saturdays and Sundays the shelter will be opened by charities who wish to fund raise by providing teas and other permitted snacks.

The shelter will be available as a base for other group activities using the seafront.


Groups will be able to pre-book the use of the shelter by contacting us via our website.

At this stage we have no plans to charge a hire fee however a donation to cover our overheads for the period of use would be appreciated.

In some cases a deposit against damage etc may be charged.


The charity and the user group will have a written agreement covering the use of the shelter.

Strict adherence to the agreement will be applied.

It must be understood that the tram stop shelter CIO is only providing the building and facilities inside.


Our volunteers are only stewards of the shelter, not carers or able to assist with any user groups.


The tram stop shelter is insured for accidents and has public liability insurance but the user groups will be responsible for their own insurance cover.


User groups will thoroughly clean all the areas they use whilst at the shelter ready for use by the next user.

All rubbish will be taken away and not left for disposal by the shelter charity.


A transport plan and advice on parking will be provided for each user group.

User groups will be advised to use the areas provided for dropping off and picking up. Under no circumstances will the entrance to the ramp onto the beach be used. This is an extremely dangerous area!


The small kitchen area can be used for making hot drinks. All beverage ingredients, cups, etc. must be supplied by the user group.

There is no fridge and no authorised food preparation area.

Users will be able to eat their own food in the shelter but all resulted rubbish must be taken away from the shelter.


The CIO has a zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour and will not tolerate such.

All users will respect the tram stop shelter and other persons using it.

Any damage and repair of such will be charged at the full rate including the time spent by volunteers on the issue.


No alcohol will be consumed in the shelter or on the terrace areas. Users can apply for prior written consent to do so under special circumstances.


There will be no smoking in or on any area under the control of the tram stop shelter CIO. This includes electric cigarettes.


No animals other than assistance dogs will be allowed inside the shelter but are welcome to use the terraces.

Dog owners will respect other users and remove their dog if it is likely to cause distress or discomfort to other users.


The tram stop shelter CIO retains the right to exclude or remove any persons frm the tram stop shelter or any of its events or premises.