Art, Nature and Culture


The amazing views, the clean air, clear uninterrupted light and expanse of space of our seafront, is a major asset for art.

The sea, boats, sand, mud, glorious sunsets and sunrises are but a few subjects depicted on canvas and photographs of the area.

The Shelter will be a hub for workshops, classes and gallery for art.

Many of our user groups of all ages and abilities wish to use the building for project work.


The natural world is so relevant to the Shelter being in the middle of a site of scientific interest.

We will be providing a centre for the Essex Wildlife Trust in their Living Seas project with schools and natural history groups and also with the RSPB in the study of our abundant sea bird population.

Schools wish to use the Shelter as a centre for environmental and scientific studies as well as a day on the beach.

With inside space they will be able to have the trip without fear of adverse weather or time of year.


Working with the University we are going to use the Shelter and the beach to hold plays, poetry readings, story telling, photography, filming and other events with a media / cultural theme.

The whole community will be able to be involved all through the year.