The Ramp and Beach Access

The Ramp and Beach Access

One of the main aims of the Project is to be able to provide access to the beach for all abilities.

Giving them the opportunity to enjoy the simple things that we take for granted, making sandcastles, having a dip, playing catch, you know the things!

During the summer season we install special matting installed at Thorpe Esplanade, next to where the Tram Stop Shelter is to be rebuilt, and to the access ramp on Jubilee Beach in Southend opposite the Kursaal building.

We currently have a children’s sand cruiser wheelchair which is available for hire during the summer season. We plan to have an adult sand cruiser available during 2017

We have a team of volunteers who are prepared to help us with managing the matting and providing the special wheelchairs for use by our user groups.



Matting to Thorpe Esplanade and Children’s sand cruiser wheelchair

  Matting to Jubilee Beach